The moon

Come fly with us

Berlin-based new-space company PTScientists is taking you on a Mission to the Moon. Working with key technology partners Audi and Vodafone, we aim to drive a pair of Audi lunar quattro rovers on the surface of the Moon, and re-visit the last place that humans set foot on the lunar surface during the Apollo 17 mission 45 years ago.

  1. Land safely on the Moon 01

    Land safely
    on the Moon

    Having travelled ~384,000 km from Earth to the Moon our ALINA spacecraft must land safely on the lunar surface to deliver our two Audi Lunar quattro rovers and a range of scientific payloads.

  2. Drive 500m on the Moon 02

    new technology

    Once safely on the Moon, our pair of Audi Lunar quattro rovers will use their four-wheel drive capability to explore the harsh lunar environment. We will also test a new lunar communications architecture, with a Vodafone-provided LTE base-station allowing the rovers to transfer data to ALINA.

  3. Send HD images to the Earth 03

    to Apollo

    48 years since the final human footprints were left on the Moon, we will return to the Apollo 17 landing site to capture the first high-resolution images of the original Lunar Roving Vehicle (while taking great care not to disturb the site).

“Space belongs to everyone, and with Mission to the Moon we are inviting the world to join us on this pioneering step towards accessible space exploration”

Robert Boehme, CEO and Founder of PTScientists


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