Once they safely reach the surface of the Moon our rovers will be faced with the tough conditions of the lunar surface: Moon dust – 1,000 times finer than dust on Earth, rocks and craters, shadows that plunge the Moon into ice-cold darkness and the unfiltered radiation of the sun.

The challenges


We don’t just want to land on the surface of the Moon – we have even greater ambitions. Our rovers have another journey ahead of them – a visit to the Apollo 17 landing site. We want to see how the original Apollo lunar rover is holding up after all this time. Our scientific payloads which the rovers are carrying will collect data to give us important information for the future.

Rover equipment

Rover equipment

The Audi lunar quattro rovers are made from specially selected materials. Will they resist the extreme radiation, temperature changes and tough conditions on the Moon?

The long lunar night will put the rovers batteries to the ultimate test: will they survive and allow our rovers to continue to explore the Moon? No matter how much testing we done on Earth, you never predict exactly what will happen when we reach the Moon. We are looking forward to finding out.


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