The moon

Come fly with us

Berlin-based new-space company PTScientists is taking you on a Mission to the Moon. Working with key technology partners Audi and Vodafone, we aim to drive a pair of Audi lunar quattro rovers on the surface of the Moon, and re-visit the last place that humans set foot on the lunar surface during the Apollo 17 mission 45 years ago.

  1. Land safely on the Moon 01

    Land safely on the Moon

    There are 384,000 km between the Earth and the Moon. Once our ALINA spacecraft has travelled this enormous distance it has to land safely on the Moon and deliver our rovers.

  2. Drive 500m on the Moon 02

    Drive 500m on the Moon

    Once the landing is completed safely, the Audi Lunar quattro rovers will explore the harsh lunar environment.

  3. Send HD images to the Earth 03

    Send HD images to the Earth

    The Audi lunar quattro is equipped with high resolution cameras and will show the Moon in breathtaking details.

"Es geht uns um hohe Ingenieurskunst, nicht um das Preisgeld."

Robert Böhme - Teamleiter, Part-Time Scientists


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